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In this issue:
1. Foreign Affairs launches updated home page
    designed by the Solarek Studio.
2. Solarek Studio designs new magazine for
    Institutional Investor.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs magazine, the world's leading journal on international relations, recently unveiled a new look on its home page. In a design created by the Solarek Studio, Foreign Affairs is now using space at the top of the home page to visually promote editorial content. Now online at www.foreignaffairs.org, the new design showcases essays by presidential candidates and other contributing writers to the magazine. This new information hierarchy and design work is the latest work in the ongoing relationship between Solarek Studio and the Council on Foreign Relations, publisher of Foreign Affairs.

"The Solarek Studio has great insights into how magazines and other periodicals can best present themselves on the Web," says Tom Davey, Website Director at the Council on Foreign Relations. "Even a journal as traditional as Foreign Affairs has benefited."

Institutional Investor

Pinnacle Magazine
Pinnacle magazine cover

Institutional Investor, a New York-based financial organization, chose the Solarek Studio to design its new investment magazine. Called Pinnacle, the publication will showcase the best articles from across Institutional Investor's 12 membership groups. Solarek designed the magazine's logo and layout.

"We're very pleased with the magazine layout design for Pinnacle delivered by Solarek Studio," says Mark Fortune of Institutional Investor. "They quickly grasped the essence of the look and feel we were trying to achieve and in a timely way--and that's important. It provided us with several variation on the theme from which to choose."

More information about Institutional Investor can be found at:

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