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Yesterday, we found an old wooden chair in the garbage. recalling the story of the man that traded a paper clip for a house via consecutive trades on eBay, we decided to do the same, but using our new chair.

We decided the chair had belonged to William S. Burroughs, the Beat writer. we invited people to sit in it, admire it, and ...make an offer. we would place the chair in the middle of intersections, in the middle of packed bars?anywhere. we carried it around the West Village, from the Spotted Pig to Pastis, we sat tens of new friends...some just looking to rest their feet. We even had a bride and groom take their portrait our Burrough's chair.

With each "guest" we grew a little more attached to it....

The wood was heavy, dark, rich, and worn away in all the right spots.

At one bar, a girl named Ellen sat in it. she is a 21-year old Elite model....she joined us in our crusade with the chair, and went with us from bar to intersection to bar.

The chair eventually was lost late in the evening while we were distracted and starry eyed. but, we got the trade we wanted. Ellen. she danced the night away with us. Ellen beats the hell out of a house.

Find inspiration in everything.